The Flood Zone: Today's Resiliency Play of the Day

May 04, 2020

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed when nothing seems to be going right. Just as a flooded river can destroy surrounding wildlife, when you feel “flooded” with unexpected obstacles, you may likewise act in ways which are destructive to yourself and others. In today’s Resiliency Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook, you will learn how to remain resilient as you navigate the “Flood Zone” to stay afloat and positive! 

Watch this video for a fun explanation of the “Flood Zone”!

What can we do when we find ourselves in the “Flood Zone?"

  • When you find yourself overwhelmed, drowning in the “Flood Zone,” take a moment to reflect on the choices you made and unforeseen events that led you there. 

  • Remember, in the face of tough circumstances, you will come out on the other side stronger. Choosing the easy path does not always lead you to grow and succeed.

  • Reach out to a “lifeline!" Talking with a trusted adult (parent, uncle, teacher, coach, etc.) who will help you create a strategy to avoid the “Flood Zone.” 

Journal Activity 

Now, reflect on times you were in the “Flood Zone” and when you used your "lifelines" to channel your emotions and maintain a positive attitude.


Activity instructions/questions: 

  1. Respond to each of the provided journal prompts.

  2.  Share your responses with others or keep them to yourself as a reminder to stay resilient!

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