Food Log Challenge: Today's Play of the Day

Apr 15, 2020

Now that you have learned about the components of a healthy meal from the My Plate Challenge Play of the Day, try logging your meals to see how you can recognize your healthy choices and see where you make more nutritious choices! 



1.    Using your Food Log, challenge yourself to write down everything you eat this week – meals, snacks, drinks—and everything in between! When deciding what to eat each day, try to include as many nutrition components of “My Plate” as you can into each meal.
2.     At the end of each day, review your log with a parent, sibling, or friend. Discuss what you ate that day that was healthy and things you ate that could have been substituted for a healthier alternative. 
3.    Each night, create a meal/snack plan for the next day and try to improve your diet in at least one way from the prior day. 
4.    Try challenging yourself and your family to a whole week of healthy eating according to “My Plate.” Try logging your meals as a family and share with us your progress!  

Do not forget to also check out our Healthy Choices, Healthy Children--Nutrition Edition for more information about today's Play of the Day.

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