Public Speaking: Today's Leadership Play of The Day

Nov 30, 2020

Today’s play of the day from the Ripken Playbook focuses on leadership through public speaking. Great leaders are often times challenged to deliver public speeches in front of large groups of people. Being able to convey a message confidently and being actively aware of your body language and voice at all times, makes you an effective public speaker. For today’s play of the day, you will be challenged to create your own speech and deliver it confidently to someone in your household.

Activity Materials (if needed):

  1. Paper/ Construction Paper
  2. Pen or Pencil
  3. Microphone (if available)

Activity instructions/questions:

  1. First, come up with an idea for your speech. The topic can cover anything (it could be about a person, place, experience etc.).
  2. Next, write out a script for your speech. This could be bullet points or a word for word script. Use what is easiest for you to read out loud and the best way for you to get your points across.
  3. Now, rehearse your speech in front of a mirror or with a friend. It is important to rehearse your speech because the more times you practice; the more comfortable you will be when you deliver your public speech. Confidence is key!
  4. Lastly, grab your parent or guardian and have them listen to your speech. If you feel comfortable, you can have them talk loudly or walk around during your speech as a distraction.