The Real Me: Today's Resiliency Play of the Day

May 15, 2020

Today’s Resiliency Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook will focus on the importance of removing labels in order to encourage positive self-talk and display the “real you” -- the person who you know you are and who you want to become! A label is a way others may view you as based on a single instance or event. Often you may disagree with the way others have labeled you, not thinking it accurately defines who you are. 

Often we cannot change how others label us. But, what we can change is how we view ourselves. 
Through the activity below, you’ll be able to turn negative labels you think you may have been given into positive affirmations! 

Check out this video to learn about labeling!


Activity instructions/questions: 

  1. Using the Healthy Choices, Healthy Children -- Resilience Edition - Lesson 2 Can Worksheet, cut out the side of the worksheet with the “Labels” can. Save “The Real Me” half for later in the activity. 
  2. On the “Labels” can, write down a few labels you think you have been given by others that you disagree with or dislike. 
  3. Now, reflect on how these labels make you feel about yourself. How can you change these labels into positive affirmations to reflect the “Real You” you are or want to become? Write them on your “Real Me” can.
  4. Glue your “Labels” and “Real Me” cans to your paper and hang it somewhere it can motivate you everyday to let the “Real You” shine through! 

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