Salty Potato: Today's Nutrition Play of the Day!

Mar 08, 2021

Today’s #RipkenPlaybook highlights the importance of being properly hydrated. There are some foods that strip our bodies of water, for instance, in today’s activity we are going to show you how eating to many salty foods is bad for you and can draw the water out of your body making you thirsty. Salty foods are delicious but, it is important to limit how much we eat them. Just like any kind of sweets or snacks you like, it is always good to eat them in moderation.

1. Potato
2. Two  bowls
3. Water
4. Saltshaker


1. Place your bowls next to each other.
2. Fill both bowls with water. Label one "Salt" and one "Water"
3. Mix salt into your "Salt" bowl.
4. Cut your potato in half and place one half in each bowl. 
5. Wait about 30 minutes and see what happens

You'll notice there was some shrinkage with the potato that was in the "Salt" bowl. This is because the salt draws out the water in the potato and it can become dehydrated. Now this of this in terms of your body, when you have too much salt in your body, that means you the water in your body is being absorbed. In order to avoid this, be sure to drink the recommended amount of water for your body.