Torso Rotation: Today's Fitness Play of the Day

May 07, 2020

Today's Fitness Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook will focus on another Fitness Movement: the rotation. Try visualizing the swing of a major league hitter, like Bill Ripken or Cal Ripken, Jr. As you swing, every part of your body moves as one to create the necessary force to hit a major league fastball out of the park. This movement builds upon our previous Fitness Play of the Day -- the plank -- for a strong core is crucial for a powerful rotational movement. For more about Fitness Movements, check out our Healthy Choices, Healthy Children – Fitness edition.

Batter Up! Learn the Torso Rotation

  • Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart. 
  • Fully extend your arms forward and press your palms together firmly.
  • From this position, rotate your entire body as one while pivoting outwardly off one leg.
  • Return to starting position, repeat with opposite leg.

Rotation Challenge

Challenge yourself to perform a torso rotation 10 times on each side. Now, take it one step further: show us your best baseball swing. Make sure to incorporate the fundamentals of you just learned!

Grab a friend or family member and share with us your best swing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!