Vegetable Guessing: Today's Nutrition Play of the Day!

May 10, 2021

Today’s #RipkenPlaybook is a vegetable guessing game to help kids raise their awareness for the different kinds of vegetables they can eat using their touch, smell, and taste. Vegetables are nutrient rich foods that help keep our bodies functioning strong and are important in maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

1. Different vegetables (real/plastic) if you do not have many vegetables, you can use fruit.
2. A bag to put the various vegetables or fruit in. Also, can blind fold and out the fruit/vegetable in their hand.
3. A comfortable sitting space to do this activity.

1. Reach in the bag and feel or place the fruit/vegetable in the hand of the person guessing.
2. The person then uses senses like touch and smell to guess the vegetable/fruit.
3. Record how many you get correct and the ones you didn’t, then do it again to try and get a better score.