Fielding Ground Balls: Today's Adaptive Play of the Day

Jul 17, 2020

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation partnered with the League of Dreams to create an Adaptive edition of the Ripken Playbook.

Today’s Adaptive Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook focuses on fielding ground balls! Good fielding is essential in baseball and in this Play of the Day, you will practice resilience, leadership, and teamwork as you improve your baseball fielding skills! 

Equipment: Baseball or softball (If no balls are available, check out our DIY ball ideas here!)

How to Field a Ground Ball

Step 1: Maintain a dynamic starting position. Bottom down, feet shoulder width apart, back
Step 2: Focus, keep your eyes on the ball as your opponent hits it with a bat.
Step 3: Move your body with the path of the ball.
Step 4: Adjust your glove and chest downwards to block the ball from getting past you. It is vital to have your body in front of the ball so that if the ball misses your glove, it will not pass you. 

Adaptations for Fielding Ground Balls 

  • Scoop the ball without a glove
  • Use balls of various sizes and textures: soft, hard, small, large
    • TIP: Larger balls make it easier to field with both hands 
  • Roll the ball at differing speeds

At Home Challenge: 
With a partner throwing to you, see how many ground balls you can field without any passing you!
Things to remember:

  • Make sure your partner is paying attention before the ball is thrown 
    • Call their name
    • Make eye contact 
    • Signal that you are ready to play
  • If your partner misses the ball, cheer them on with words of encouragement or give them a thumbs up

Learning new skills often takes practice, so make sure you stay positive. Take a video of yourself fielding ground balls and share with us on social media!