At-Home Flip Challenge: Today's Adaptive Play of the Day

Oct 05, 2020

Today’s Adaptive Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook is the At-Home Flip Challenge! This activity, created in partnership with the League of Dreams, will help you build on the fielding skills you learned in the Catching Challenge Adaptive Play of the Day. 


  • 1 or 2 baseballs or softballs. If no baseball or softball is available, check out these DIY ball ideas 
  • At least two family members or friends

At-Home Flip Challenge

  • Gather your family members or friends in a circle. Begin with one or two balls. One person will start by holding the ball(s). 
  • The player with the ball(s) will begin by tossing one/two ball(s) to someone else in the circle. After they catch the ball, they must now toss the ball(s) to another person.
  • If you have done so already, add in a second ball for an added challenge and to further improve your coordination skills!
  • If a player drops a ball, they earn a strike. Just like in baseball, earn three strikes, and you’re out! Continue until there is one player remaining.

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