Learning to Hit the Ball: Today's Adaptive Play of the Day

Oct 26, 2020

Today’s Adaptive Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook created in partnership with the League of Dreams will help you improve one of the most important skills in the sport of baseball: hitting. Grab a partner to help you practice your hitting skills in today’s fun fitness activity!


  • Bat 
  • Baseball
  • A partner

If no baseball or softball is available, check out our DIY ball ideas here!

How to Hit a Ball


  • Step 1: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. 
  • Step 2: Place both hands on the grip of the bat.
  • Step 3: Bend your knees .
  • Step 4: Place the bat by your shoulder. 
  • Step 5: Keep your eye on the ball. 
  • Step 6: Swing the bat.

Adaptions for Hitting

  • Use soft toss: a slow pitched ball from a close distance 
  • Use a tee with various size balls 

Things to Remember 

  • If your don’t hit the ball on your first swing, keep trying! It takes practice to learn a new skill
  • Stay positive 


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