Create a Cookbook: Today's Nutrition Play of the Day

May 06, 2020

Now that you have learned the elements of a healthy meal -- protein, grain, vegetables, fruits, and dairy –  it is time to take your knowledge to the next level in today’s Nutrition Play of the Day. You will create a cookbook containing your favorite healthy meals, building from what you learned in previous Nutrition Plays of the Day --  My Plate Challenge, Food Log Challenge, Portion Scavenger Hunt, and Healthy Snacking. Need a refresher on what healthy eating looks like? Check out our Healthy Choices, Healthy Children – Nutrition edition!  


  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper
  • Glue/staples/tape/paperclip for binding your cookbook

Let’s Get Cookin’!

  1. Think of several healthy recipes and write them out on paper. These can be healthy family recipes, recipes you have recently created and enjoyed, or ones you want to try in the future! If you need a few recipe ideas, check out these healthy snack recipes.
  2. When you are writing out your recipes, be sure to list every ingredient, include correct measurements and detailed cooking instructions to make it as easy as possible for someone else to follow.
  3. Beside each recipe, either draw a picture or insert a photo of the final dish! 
  4. Draw a front/back cover and table of contents for your cookbook.
  5. Bind your pages with glue/staples/tape/paperclip.
  6. Share your book with others! Show it to the person who makes your meals at home and offer to help them next time in the kitchen! Now, the whole family can enjoy your healthy, nutritious, and delicious creations! 

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